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Three Free PDF Online Tools

Free PDF Tools what Are They? Using online tools to convert and edit PDF files is the most efficient and cost-effective way. Many companies have launched new office standards with online tools as the core. This article will introduce you to 3 PDF tools to solve the problem of editing PDF online, converting PDF to Word, and merging PDF.

Question: How to convert PDF files to Word

Tool recommendation: convert pdf to word
Tool source: AbcdPDF platform
Advantage: high accuracy
Rating: 8/10

convert pdf to word is an online PDF to Word converter on the AbcdPDF platform. Users only need to visit the homepage of the platform to find this tool. The use process is simple, and anyone can quickly grasp the operation steps. More importantly, compared to most conversion websites and plugins on the market, this tool has obvious advantages in conversion accuracy. Handling simple PDFs is a no-brainer, even handling more complex PDF files has satisfactory results, both stable and reliable.

The reason why AbcdPDF PDF to Word can achieve such accuracy is due to the unique algorithm processing, which involves some particularities of the PDF format.

The following is the definition of each function of PDF by analyzing the tree structure diagram:

1 Pages
2 Contents
3 Resources
4 Pages
5 Contents
6 Resources
7 Pages
8 Contents
9 Resources
10 Pages
11 Image
12 Font
13 Fot
14 Info
15 Catalog

Before the tool converts these objects, it will identify and mark the code blocks of these objects in turn to ensure that the conversion result of each format will not deviate from the frame of the original object. Therefore, the ultra-high accuracy and computing speed of PDF to Word are inseparable from the excellent server core algorithm of the AbcdPDF platform.

Question: How to edit PDF files

Recommended tools: online pdf editor
Tool source: AbcdPDF platform
Advantage: full-featured
Rating: 8.5/10

As the name suggests, online pdf editor is an online PDF editor. This free tool is designed to add text and graphics by accessing the Word online editor PDF document content on the web . Text entry is simple and convenient. As you type in the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen, a text box with text input is automatically generated. Just drag and drop OK to move it to the section you want to enter. You can also set the font, size, color, and fill of the text you want to enter, and you can paste images into your document and insert graphics such as free-form lines, arrows, rectangles, and ellipses.

Recommended for those who create and edit PDFs frequently in their daily work.

Question: How to merge PDF files

Tool recommendation: merge pdf
Tool source: AbcdPDF platform
Advantage: fast, batch merge
Rating: 9/10

Merge PDF supports batch merging of PDF files. After entering the tool page, click "+" to add multiple PDF files. The conversion speed is fast, and both simple and complex PDF files can be perfectly merged. At work, we will encounter quotations, purchase orders or highly confidential materials . These documents often need to be integrated by us. If we use an online editor to process them one by one, it will be very troublesome, and this is where Merge PDF plays a role in batch processing. good time.


Free PDF Tools what Are They? The above article recommends for you to solve the problems of PDF online editing, PDF to Word, and PDF merging. Collecting these three tools will be of great help to your future office work, especially for frequent contact with PDF of professionals.

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